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Palm Beach Women's Clinic, Boca Raton

Hope Women's Center, Davie

Pregnancy Help Centers, Fort Lauderdale

Hope Women's Center, Ft. Lauderdale

Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic, Hialeah

Pregnancy Help Centers, Hollywood

Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic, Kendall

Hope Women's Centers, Lauderdale

Pregnancy Help Centers, Margate

Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic. Miami

Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic, Miami

Pregnancy Help Centers, Miami

Pregnancy Help Centers, Miami Gardens

Choices Women's Clinic, Orlando

Palm Beach Women's Clinic, Palm Beach Gardens

A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, Pinellas Park

Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City, Plant City

Image Clear Ultrasound of Central Florida, Tampa

A Woman's Place Medical Clinic, Tampa

A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, Tampa

A Woman's Place Medical Clinic, Tarpon Springs

If you are considering an abortion, an ultrasound will provide confirmation of pregnancy and how far along you are. An at home abortion, also known as the abortion pill, may be something you are considering. It is important to first meet with a medical professional and get all your specific questions answered and discuss the options. Meeting in person with a medical professional is the only way to truly determine your gestation age (how many weeks), as well as rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy and confirm the pregnancy is indeed viable. This is all critical information for you to have for your health and safety before taking the abortion pill medication.

There are many questions about the abortion pill like “How does the abortion pill work?”,” Is the abortion pill truly effective?”, “What happens if the abortion pill doesn’t work?”, “How many pills do I have to take with the abortion pill?”, and more.

Asking Siri or searching through Google will only get you so far.

Nothing replaces meeting with a medical professional in person.

The medical professionals working at these clinics are here to provide you the medical information you need, as well as answer all your questions about your pregnancy.

All the services at a pregnancy medical clinic are free and confidential.