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Did you see two lines when you hoped for just one? We totally understand how life-changing this can be. With the recent changes in abortion laws across the country, it can feel confusing, overwhelming and like time is of the essence.  We understand this is a crucial time in your life, and you have some big decisions to make. Remember, you have a choice, and the best choices start with the best information.

You deserve a completely free medical evaluation of pregnancy.  Search our directory to find a clinic near you.


Considering the Abortion Pill?

If you are considering an abortion, an ultrasound will provide confirmation of pregnancy and how far along you are. An at home abortion, also known as the abortion pill, may be something you are considering. It is important to first meet with a medical professional and get all your specific questions answered and discuss the options. Meeting in person with a medical professional is the only way to truly determine your gestation age (how many weeks), as well as rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy and confirm the pregnancy is indeed viable. This is all critical information for you to have for your health and safety before taking the abortion pill medication.

There are many questions about the abortion pill like “How does the abortion pill work?”,” Is the abortion pill truly effective?”, “What happens if the abortion pill doesn’t work?”, “How many pills do I have to take with the abortion pill?”, and more.

Searching Online Only Gets You so Far…

Asking Siri or Googling can only get you so far. Nothing replaces meeting with a medical professional in person.

The medical professionals working at these clinics are here to provide you the medical information you need, as well as answer all your questions about your pregnancy.

All the services at pregnancy medical clinic are free and confidential.

What You Deserve
  • Free Medical Confirmation: You deserve free medical confirmation of your pregnancy.
  • Accurate Information: It’s important to know if you’re really pregnant or if that home test was a false positive.
  • Free Ultrasound: You deserve a free ultrasound to determine how far along you are and confirm the pregnancy’s viability.
  • Respect and Dignity: You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and get the answers you need from a medical professional in person.
  • Professional Guidance: You deserve access to professional medical verification of pregnancy at no cost and with no questions asked.
No Costs, No Questions
  • No Money Needed: Our services are free.
  • No Insurance Required: You don’t need insurance to get help.
  • No Proof of Income Needed: We won’t ask for proof of income.
Beyond Pregnancy Confirmation

While we don’t provide, refer, or prescribe abortion services, we do offer other social support and post-abortive emotional support.

By meeting with a medical professional, you can:

  • Determine how many weeks pregnant you are.
  • Rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Confirm the pregnancy is viable.
State-Specific Services

There are over 250 clinics listed from across the country. By putting in your city, you can quickly find locations where you can get access to meet with a medical professional and to confirm your pregnancy and answer your questions about what’s next.

Remember, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you navigate this challenging time with the care and support you deserve.