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Adoption Can Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Adoption allows you to complete the biological process of a pregnancy and not have to choose to parent. You get to make a choice over who becomes the parent(s) for your child. Adoption can be open, closed or in between. An unplanned pregnancy is an overwhelming event in your life, especially if it comes at a time you are not expecting it.

The feels are real and emotions are full range.

You might feel scared, unsure or overwhelmed. It’s okay.

These are all very real and normal emotions. It is important that you acknowledge, recognize, and work through them, but try not to let these feelings overwhelm you.

You Get To Make The Decisions

If you choose adoption, you get to make the decisions. What will your plan look like? There are many resources you can explore as you decide what is right.

You Have Time To Make A Final Decision

Give yourself time to make the very best decision for you. Here is the truth: You are important. You’re health is important. You are carrying someone special, someone unique, and there will never be another person just like your baby.

Adoption Allows You to Make the Choices

The adoption process allows you the opportunity, if you chose, to get to know potential adoptive parents, meet them, exchange the contact information you are comfortable providing and needing. The adoption process also provides an option for your identity to remain confidential if that is your choice. You get to chose.

Adoption provides many options for your unplanned pregnancy.

Our clinics can provide you with a free pregnancy screening and ultrasound. Our commitment is to you, your health and providing you the information you need. We do not provide adoption or abortion services. Our clinics can answer your questions about your adoption options.